The Sustainable Energy Partnership campaigns for better policies, legislation and resources to encourage the use of low and zero carbon technologies and energy efficiency to counter climate change and fuel poverty.

Monday, February 22, 2010

SEP launches new campaign: Climate Change - Sectoral Targets Campaign

We have had a busy week at SEP sending out campaign broadsheets to our thousands of supporters.

The broadsheets outline the details of our latest campaign: the Climate Change and Sectoral Targets Bill. It's the biggest campaign we've ever run, and we're going to need a lot of help to make this Bill law so if you would like to be a SEP supporter then please sign up.

This Bill calls on government to make legally binding targets regarding renewable and low-carbon energies. Without targets like these there is a significant risk that we will be unable to stop dangerous climate change, but by enshrining these in law we force Government to take action.

The campaign will take a long time, so please stay in touch to keep up to date with its progress. But for now, why not take this opportunity to read the broadsheets (page 1 & page 2) and contact your local MP asking him/her to sign EDM 851 in support of this new Bill.

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