The Sustainable Energy Partnership campaigns for better policies, legislation and resources to encourage the use of low and zero carbon technologies and energy efficiency to counter climate change and fuel poverty.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sign up to help support SEP

We need your help.

SEP is a UK partnership which represents all the major environmental and fuel poverty NGOs and relevant sustainable energy trade associations.

SEP has an unrivalled track record in campaigning for resources, legislation and targets to create a sustainable energy policy in the UK. We campaign on issues such as climate change and fuel poverty as well as promoting energy efficiency and sustainable energy policies. As the Partnership is so broad, we can build really influential coalitions around our different campaigns – but we couldn’t achieve anything without our supporter network, which consists of local environmental and community groups, as well as people like you!

We are in the process of broadening our supporter base in preparation for a big new climate change campaign that we’re launching, and would therefore be delighted if you would join our supporter network. And it costs nothing!

To become a supporter of SEP all you need to do is:
Send us your name, address, and email address
to info@sustenergy.org.uk,
or to Lotte Blair, Sustainable Energy Partnership - New Supporters, Westgate House, 2a Prebened Road, London, N1 8PT

What can you expect? SEP supporters receive updates on our various campaigns (how often will depend on the campaign, but it’s normally one letter every few months). You will have an opportunity to help us with the campaign as we will ask you to write to your local MP or perhaps to a Government Minister asking for their support. We have many supporters around the UK and their letter-writing makes all the difference! Sometimes we provide a template letter which you just have to sign and pop in the post. We greatly value your campaigning ideas, so you can also help shape campaigns!

Please help us to campaign for a more sustainable future for the UK. Thank you.

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